Hey guys, Happy Monday! Is it me or did the weekend seem to fly by! It was unseasonable warm at 74 degrees! In February, by Philadelphia! So unreal! Logan even had shorts on at one point. He turned 16 months this weekend, so we thought we would get out and run around. The fresh air was invigorating. The Winter has seemed never ending and it has not even been that bad this year. His little personality is just exploding more and more everyday and I absolutely love it. Each day, he just amazes me with his words and actions. I love my family so much, they are my happiness, my home, my forever. Nothing makes me happier then to watch the bond Logan and Patrick have together. Its so special and genuine. It is truly captivating to watch something you created,  to running around in the sweet sunshine. What inspires you in life? What truly brings you joy? I would love to hear the joys in your life whether it be your family, a pet, or a  hobby.  Have a great week, make it count. — XOXO Alexandra


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