Hey guys! How was your weekend? We are just about over the plague that took over the house this week, thank gawd. Ok so actually….. Logan does not turn two until close to Halloween, lol. I know, I know, its a little early for this post but I wanted some cute pics for his invitations that  I am ordering for his little party in early October. I am sure I will do more birthday shoots closer to his actual birthday 😉 Life has been so hectic lately, Logan is moving so fast. I call these action shoots. I honestly need to upgrade to a much faster camera. There is his park by my house and all the way in the back is this restricted area that most people never see. I am like perfect for toddlers to run around, right?! I think there was an Inn on the Delaware River next to it, founded by the colonial secretary of William Penn. It was built in 1679. I don’t know its pretty old and creepy. They use to play games outside like chess and there were some pieces on the ground made of stone that were still somewhat there. I think it was a spade or a chess piece. There is a stone wall and has a broke down statue of Humpty Dumpty and an old fountain. You just don’t see this stuff everyday.

I swear I don’t even recognize him lately. He’s so fast, bold and such a dare devil. My heart skips a beat each day with his wildness. I love it though and would not change it for the world. I don’t know what to even expect when of him next week let alone when he turns two. I know personally I can not wait for him to straight out say “I love you mama” my heart melts with his little curls and eyes that are so full of excitement.  Who else is watching the Game of Thrones finale tonight??? OMG, I can not wait! I seriously cried when the Viserion died last week. I thought it was curious, Jon Snow would not mount the Drogon, hmmm. Ok, running to the store for snacks for tonight. Let me know your thoughts on GOT and other shows I NEED to start watching! Love you all and thank you for following. — XOXO Alexandra


DRESS SHIRT: H&M  /  JEANS: Osh Kosh  /  SHOES: DSWPayless (similar)  /  VEST: Gymboree

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