Happy Monday everyone! I hope this post finds you happy and well. How was your weekend? I wanted to accomplish so much but then we got hit with our first snow storm. It sort of stopped me in my tracks and I just felt like a kid again. I wanted to play in it. That lasted about 10 minutes before I was cold and in went inside for some hot chocolate. LOL. I wanted to take Logan out but he wants nothing to do with being bundled up and or wearing snow boots. Such a bummer! He was more then happy to stand at the front door and stare out in wonder of all the white and share my drink. He is his own man, even at 14 months! Its been non-stop lately and it was nice to just have a minute with the family to just play and relax. Am I the only one that still has Christmas stuff still out? Yikes! I really want to start the new year off right and be more on top of stuff. I feel like I usually am but then the holidays come around and everything just gets a little crazy. I am looking forward to things settling down and the calmness of Winter. Plus,  the statement coats this season are just so on point. This amazing black and white checkered coat is from Topshop,  it sold out a while ago. I was able to find it brand new on Ebay! I refer to that as “treasure hunting”. I linked down below some other favorites I have had my eye on. I hope you have a wonderful week and you start the new year out right! Stay tuned for a very sexy giveaway on my Instagram account for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for following me, I love you all.

XO Alexandra



HAT: Macy’s, ASOS & VICI  /  FINGERLESS GLOVES: Target, Nordstrom Rack  /  COAT: Macy’s, VICI & Nordstrom  /  PANTS: Nordstrom, Old Navy  /  SUNGLASSES: Victoria Beckham, Nordstrom & Target  /  CHOKER: Shopbop, Lulu’s & Lulu’s  /  LIPSTICK: Sephora  /  FOUNDATION: Sephora

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