Hey guys! I know this is way past Halloween but I am starting a new blog and thought with everything going on we could all use a little fun. My son Logan just celebrate his first Halloween as a skunk. What could be more cute than that? The weather was chilly, I am so thankful I chose something warm. I am so surprised he kept the hood on the whole time. Everyone knew that he was a skunk. We went trick-or-treating with family and we had a wonderful time. I am so thankful for these moments. Sidenote, glowsticks were a wonderful distraction for the little guy. We made it a whole hour filling his Halloween bucket full of tasty treats. We’re already thinking of a new family theme for next year. What did you guys do this Halloween? What is your favorite thing to do this time of year? Let me know in the comment section and be sure to follow True Blond Style. Thanks and talk to you soon! – Alexandra



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